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Stash Management

A while ago, when I first showed off my enormous staff when beginning this blog, a reader asked if I could do a post that described how I organized it all. I said I would...and then never did (until now) because, to be honest, it wasn't very organized.

I've said before, when I first started knitting, my husband bought me a cube storage thing to use. I promised I'd never have more yarn than would fit in it. That lasted about a year or so....

At a certain point, I just shoved yarn in tote bags and hid it in my craft room closet, because I really had run out of space to put things. It was honestly frustrating. But I am limited by the space that I have to store it, which isn't very much, my budget, and of course the options for storage are limited in a city without something like an Ikea. We do at least have a Container Store now, but even the options there are just more plastic things. I didn't want more tiny plastic things that wouldn't really solve the problem.