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Infinite Cosmic Power

Finally, after some delay due to my inability to math, I am happy to announce that my latest pattern is now available! Introducing, Infinite Cosmic Power:

So thankful that attempt number two came out exactly like I imagined them. All of the beads are perfectly lined up with each other. They fit. The beads are where they should be on the back of my hand.

The Infinity Gauntlet wielded by the powerful Thanos in the Marvel comics/cinematic universe inspired these gloves. I've come across a lot of jewelry emulating the design recently, since the film Avengers: Infinity War premieres this week. I decided that I needed my own version of them, in my own particular idiom.

There might be some of you lovely readers wondering why I didn't just create a more exact replica of the gauntlet. For those that crochet, there is a fantastic version available on Ravelry already that can be found here. And for reference, this is what the gauntlet looks like in the upcoming film:

This is an image from a life size replica, officially licensed by Marvel and being sold here, in case you want it and have $1000 to blow on one of the coolest toys ever made. 

But when I set out to design these, I knew I wasn't going to create an exact replica from the beginning because I didn't want to knit full gloves. I get a lot more use out of fingerless mitts myself because I layer them over those cheap, store bought "winter" gloves. Doing that keeps my hands warmer than wearing just one pair of gloves when I'm standing out on parking lot duty at work. And to be honest, I dislike knitting gloves. I recognize how odd that sounds. But I somehow have never managed to gain the patience needed to knit 10 fiddly fingers. I believe I've knit two pairs of full gloves in my entire knitting life (almost 10 years now.)  Those two pairs were enough.

But beyond that, I also wanted to create fingerless mitts that could be recognized as being influenced by the Infinity Gauntlet, but still had a more feminine and vintage feel to them. Therefore, I included a picot border at the top of the palms and the thumbs, with a ruffle border at the wrists. I also went with a more comics inspired color scheme and used pink beads for the Reality Stone, instead of the red version from the cinematic universe. And yes I know, there are quite a few different versions of the gauntlet throughout the Marvel comics, but I also really like pink so I went with it.

If you are interested in a more glove/gauntlet look, the pattern is easily modified to fit your own personal style needs.  Some suggestions are:

  • Knit with a ribbed border instead of the ruffle and/or the picot edging.
  • Instead of beads, use duplicate stitch to add Infinity Stones. 
  • Knit fingers to create full gloves for a closer replica to the Infinity Gauntlet.

Or, disregard the stones altogether, and you still have some pretty ruffled fingerless mitts with a picot border. It would look lovely with an indie-dyed variegated yarn that requires a more simple stitch pattern to show off!

If you'd like to knit your own, the pattern is now available in my Ravelry store here (and of course, it's a free pattern as all of my others are. Yay free things!) Happy knitting, and remember to wield the power of the stones responsibly!


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