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You Have Failed This City

I had planned to release this pattern before the season premiere of Arrow, one of my favorite TV shows, but alas, best laid plans and all that.

Anyway, I had the idea for this pattern in the summer, while binge watching the previous season. I don't quite have the skill to sew a full on Green Arrow costume like Stephen Amell wears in the show (nor do I have the abs or biceps to pull it off), but he's one of my favorite DC characters, and I decided I needed to knit something to represent him. 

As part of his costume, he wears a green hood that he often pulls low to hide his face. In the beginning of the series, the city even refers to the vigilante now known as Arrow as "The Hood." And thus, the idea was born. This was my first attempt at creating my own cabled pattern, and that was both easier and harder than I anticipated. The hard part was remembering that the purl stitches have to go around the cable to make it pop. The easy part was because it's not very twist…