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It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want To

Stepping away from my knitting posts for a quick review of my new favorite online clothing store. I am in no way being compensated for this review, I just came across the site, thought it was too good to be true but ordered a dress anyway, and want to share my experience. 
I saw an ad for Eshakti on Facebook and was immediately intrigued. If you haven't heard of it, it's an online store where you can buy personalized. For a flat fee of $9.95, they can change necklines, hem lengths, sleeves, and even make the item to fit your exact measurements (all alterations you want are included in the one fee.) You can also buy in standard sizes, and they will adjust all items to fit your height at no additional cost. For me, I have a difficult time finding dresses that aren't too short because of my proportions.

I spent hours browing through the site and finally picked one dress to try out. I measured according to their guidelines and placed my order (right now, they have a special fo…

99 Problems But Not Enough Projects Ain't One

As the summer draws to a close, I'm reminded of all the projects I wanted to finish but didn't. (I did manage to finish one shawl, but haven't gotten around to taking pretty pictures because you know, Netflix/Hulu binging!) When I first started knitting, I did a great job of being the type of knitter who only works on one project at a time. I didn't start the next one until the current one was finished.

But as I became more and more obsessed with my new hobby, suddenly one project didn't cut it anymore. I wanted to work on a complicated project when I was at home, but I also needed a mindless project that I could take out with me while I was socializing. I will forever be in awe of anyone who can knit lace and chat at the same time.

Projects started piling up as I started things, got bored, then moved on. Every now and then, I'd get overwhelmed with the amount of projects I had going at once and then spend a day going through them all and frog the ones I knew I…