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Don't Stop Believing In Standards

It's time to have my first pop culture rambling. If you're only here for the knitting, sorry! There will be pop culture posts too, because as much as I love knitting, there's only so much I can talk about it right now (at least until I get more patterns released. I'm working on two right now, yay!)
Here's the thing: explosions and funny one-liner quips are not enough to make a good movie. It' s just not. I'm apparently in the 8% that didn't like Wonder Woman (WW) and the 7% that didn't like Spiderman: Homecoming (SH).

I guess unfortunately, I expect a lot more out movies that have such high ratings/reviews. Yet, both of those movies, despite their high ratings, have two main problems to me that the majority of people seem to just be ignoring because "ooh! A superhero I like!" so a semi-spoilerish discussion on why I didn't enjoy these movies as much as the general population to follow:
Problem #1: Under-developed characters.
Both SH an…

All About That Stash (Part Deux)

In my last post, I discussed my stash and how it came to be the size that it is now. Now to answer the big question: why do I have so much yarn?

My answer is a little complicated, because it's not really an answer. I've seen a lot of other blog posts that work really hard at justifying the massive quantities of yarn fiber artists tend to hoard acquire. They write lists upon lists of reasons why knitters have so much, and those posts tend to bother me for one main reason: I do not believe that I need to justify my hobby or the way I spend my money to anyone. (Okay, maybe to my husband who rolls his eyes at of the amount of Funko Pop!s I have stashed anywhere I find an open space on a shelf.)

And really, no one should have to explain to anyone why they have so many materials for whatever hobby they're into. Sadly though, even knitters judge other knitters. They make comments like "well, I only use yarn that was given to me" or "I would never spend that much on …

All About that Stash (Part 1)

When I first started knitting, I had one skein of yarn for the only project I had on the needles at the time. But then I wanted to make a hat. Then I wanted a Slytherin scarf, so I had to buy the green and silver. Then family requested Christmas presents. And then I discovered online yarn stores.

I made a deal with my husband then: if he bought me a cube storage thing, I promised I would never have more yarn than would fit in it. It was perfect! The yarn I had filled half the shelf! I kept to that promise longer than either of us expected me to, mostly out of necessity because of our limited means. But then, we weren't poor college kids anymore.

One November evening, I decided to knit myself some knee-high Christmas socks. But nothing in my stash inspired me, and my go-to website didn't sell what I wanted. I don't quite remember how I discovered Etsy, but through it, I found my first indie yarn dyer. I bought two skeins of yarn. They were the most beautiful two skeins of y…