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Of Tiny Things and 25 Out of 100 Days

I've written previously about losing my desire to knit after having my daughter. As she's gotten older, (almost 17 months now!), it's beginning to come back. I still don't have a lot of time, but while she naps and on weekends when my husband isn't working, I get in as much as I can.

I came across the 100 day project while scrolling through Instagram one day, and decided, why not? Maybe it would help bring some of my creativity back. I thought about just knitting every day for 100 days, but didn't think that would keep me accountable enough. Instead, I decided to knit 100 tiny things. Which really was a crazy idea, but one that I'm quite enjoying, as those of you who follow me on Instagram know.

Today marks day 25 (the above photo shows everything I've knit so far), so I thought I'd post a little background about my project, since I'm 1/4 of the way done. I plan to do similar posts later on as I keep going, as an attempt to actually write more. …
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Procastiknitting is one of my biggest flaws.

Currently, I'm supposed to be grading essays, but here I am, planning out a new project to knit instead since I just finished my next design (to be published soon, after test knitting is done!) Now, it's not that I won't eventually grade them. I will. They need to be graded by the end of the day so my students have time to revise before submitting the final.

It's just that I'm not one of those people who always do the thing I'm supposed to do right away, because, well, I'd rather knit. "Let me finish this row" is a phrase heard quite often by my husband and Tiny Human. Well, only the husband respects it. Tiny Human doesn't care, and will continue to shove a book in my face until I put down my knitting, no matter where I am in the row, and read the book she wants to her. Which I can't really complain about--it's pretty awesome having a kid who actively wants to be read to all the time.


Don't Call It a Comeback

When I started this blog, I planned on actually keeping up with it. It seems like life just always has other plans, despite our best intentions though, doesn't it?

Since my last post, life has twisted and turned even more. I've previously introduced myself as teacher. While I do technically still teach an online class, I'm now really a stay at home mother, which I am loving!

In the summer of 2018, I knew I could not go back to my previous school. I had just survived the hardest year of my career, and I didn't think I had the energy to go back to that place and do it all over again. I began a desperate search for another job. I found an online school that I thought had to be too good to be true. I got the job, and at first, I loved it, because for the majority of the school year, I worked from home. That meant I could still work but also stay home with my baby. But then state testing hit. And it was constant travel for weeks. It was hard on my husband, hard on me, hard …

Minnie Ears

A while ago, I mentioned one of the reasons that I got into knitting and designing patterns was because my sewing skills are terrible. I'm always reminded about my inadequacies when it comes to sewing around Halloween. I have all of these grand ideas for costumes, that never pan out. I usually end up throwing something together at the last minute.

This year, however, is our first Halloween as a family of three, so I wanted to step up the costume game a little bit. My husband doesn't mind dressing up--if it doesn't require too much effort. It's really fine, so far he has been willing to wear any costume that I have asked him to wear. I've gotten pretty good at gauging what he's willing to do. "Costumes" he's been willing to wear include Bobby Singer from Supernatural, Tombo from Kiki's Delivery Service, and a Ravenclaw student. And somehow, our very first Halloween together when we were dating, he did wear a Jack Skellington outfit so that I co…

I Have a Blog!?

Oh, hi there!

So....when I started this blog, I fully intended to make posts at least once or twice a month. Or more. Really any time I felt like writing, or published a new pattern on Ravelry. And then an incredibly unexpected thing happened:

Long story short, my husband and I had been trying to have a child for many years. I think both of us just believed it wasn't going to happen for us, and that kids would come into our lives another way. So when she came along, it was quite the surprise! She is full of personality and I am loving every minute of motherhood, as much as she loves eating her hand.

As an odd symptom of pregnancy, however, I seemed to lose all ability to be creative. I didn't feel like knitting, and as a result of that, I also didn't feel like creating any of my own designs. I finished a few small projects, as well as somehow managed to power through and knit a Hogwarts blanket for my tiny human, but that was about it.

It also took me quite a bit longer to…

Stash Management

A while ago, when I first showed off my enormous staff when beginning this blog, a reader asked if I could do a post that described how I organized it all. I said I would...and then never did (until now) because, to be honest, it wasn't very organized.

I've said before, when I first started knitting, my husband bought me a cube storage thing to use. I promised I'd never have more yarn than would fit in it. That lasted about a year or so....

At a certain point, I just shoved yarn in tote bags and hid it in my craft room closet, because I really had run out of space to put things. It was honestly frustrating. But I am limited by the space that I have to store it, which isn't very much, my budget, and of course the options for storage are limited in a city without something like an Ikea. We do at least have a Container Store now, but even the options there are just more plastic things. I didn't want more tiny plastic things that wouldn't really solve the problem.

Infinite Cosmic Power

Finally, after some delay due to my inability to math, I am happy to announce that my latest pattern is now available! Introducing, Infinite Cosmic Power:

So thankful that attempt number two came out exactly like I imagined them. All of the beads are perfectly lined up with each other. They fit. The beads are where they should be on the back of my hand.

The Infinity Gauntlet wielded by the powerful Thanos in the Marvel comics/cinematic universe inspired these gloves. I've come across a lot of jewelry emulating the design recently, since the film Avengers: Infinity War premieres this week. I decided that I needed my own version of them, in my own particular idiom.

There might be some of you lovely readers wondering why I didn't just create a more exact replica of the gauntlet. For those that crochet, there is a fantastic version available on Ravelry already that can be found here. And for reference, this is what the gauntlet looks like in the upcoming film:

But when I set out to …