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76 out of 100 Tiny Things and the Tiny Snitch

76. I have somehow managed to stick to this 100 day challenge for 75 days. I don't really know how this has happened, because by all accounts, I should have given up long ago, based on the fact that I've never even finished those silly Instagram 30 day photo challenges. I get distracted after posting a picture or two, then remember a few days later, but by then it's too late to keep going, and I quit.

I will say that my husband can take part of the credit for pushing me to keep going with this goal. Whenever I complain about not wanting to knit that day, he always has a nice guilt trip ready for me. 

While this has definitely been challenging for me, which I'll discuss in further detail once this whole thing is over, there have been a lot of positive. The biggest one that I've noticed is how it has challenged me creatively. Figuring out how to modify patterns to fit a certain character's look, or add on the little details to make sure it does actually look like a…

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